Oregon bill to allow local governments to regulate GMO crops fails again


Local governments in Oregon will continue to be prohibited from regulating genetically engineered crops.

Bills to ease the ban both failed to make it out of committee at the legislative session, the Statesman Journal and Capital Press newspapers reported.

Those who oppose local government action say rules regarding genetically modified crops should be enacted at the state or federal level, not through a patchwork of county ordinances.

It’s the third time environmental and farm groups have tried and failed to pass the legislation, which they say is needed to prevent genetically engineered crops from contaminating organic and conventional crops.

Lawmakers still are considering another bill that would let farmers sue Monsanto, Scotts Miracle-Gro and other companies that hold patents on genetically engineered seeds if crops grown from those seeds contaminate traditional or organic crops.

The bill would allow landowners to seek three times actual economic damages if genetically engineered organisms are present on their land without permission.

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    So if the bill passes will GE crop farmers be allowed to sue organic famers for pollen or weed seed contamination?

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