Podcast: Gene editing is life code’s ‘unnatural selection’ tipping point


[Editor’s note: Futurist Juan Enriquez talks with Guy Raz, host of NPR’s TED Radio Hour.]

RAZ: This is Juan Enriquez. He’s a futurist and a writer. […] Juan is especially excited about something that could fundamentally change life itself. It’s called life code.

ENRIQUEZ: […] We’re at this break point where we’re playing on a six-dimensional chess board because you can change the basic DNA code, you can change the way it’s executed through proteins, you can change it by changing the environment. […] And then we’ve also reached a very strange break point because for 4 billion years, what lived and died on this planet was determined by natural selection and random mutation. And now what we’ve done is we’ve created this parallel evolutionary superhighway that operates on a completely different logic. And we call it unnatural selection.

It is normal and natural for humans to be felled by massive epidemics of polio, of smallpox, of tuberculosis. When we put vaccines into people, we are putting unnatural things into their body because we think the benefit outweighs the risk. Because we’ve built unnatural plants, unnatural animals, we can feed about 7 billion people. We can do things by creating new life forms.

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