African scientists call for implementation of biotech crops to further food security, development

SA corn

Scientists are calling for technological transformation in how Africans undertake agricultural production to help improve food security on the continent.

They warn failure to do this will further endanger the continent’s ability to feed itself and stall development. The scientists blame the lack of speedy progress in the Agric sector over the years on the unwillingness of stakeholders to embrace fresh innovations, which they say must change.  


Rose Maxwell Gidado who is Coordinator of the Open Forum on Agricultural Biotechnology in Nigeria, [expressed] worry about the negative impact global warming is having on agricultural production on the continent.


“Climate change exacerbates pests and disease outbreak… It is our responsibility to deliver Africa out of starvation, hunger and poverty. Encourage, invest in and adopt science,” she told the conference.”

Denis Kyetere who is Executive Director of AATF noted: “Advances in agricultural technologies and biosciences, in general, are immense, thanks to the convergence of crop science, biology and chemistry engineering and digital technology. To fully take advantage of the new exciting developments in agriculture, changes need to happen on the policy front.”…Sarah Davidson Evanega, Director of the Alliance for Science told the conference: “We have to ensure that this technology does not bypass the poor. It’s a story of social justice.”

The GLP aggregated and excerpted this article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. Read full, original post: Africa’s agriculture needs technological transformation – Scientists

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