Is life-extending modern medicine ‘unnatural?’

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The word ‘unnatural’ conjures up feelings of doom and dread, and it is unfortunately often used by critics of science as a way to justify their own concerns. The argument goes, interfering with the natural order of things is wrong and against nature, and therefore increasing lifespans thanks to scientific advancements is something we should not be doing. This classical argument is also sometimes referred to as “Playing God”.

Today, four main noncommunicable diseases (cardiovascular diseases, cancer, respiratory diseases and diabetes) account for most of deaths, killing about 100.000 people on Earth every day. There is no other factor that kills so many people: imagine 700 planes crashing every day, or a city like Hiroshima being completely devastated every day! What a tremendous tragedy!

If the aging processes are brought under some level of medical control, the period of subclinical aging will be extended, while the period of illness will be postponed, remaining the same length as before.

If these kinds of technologies could be applied to an old person, whose health has already begun to deteriorate, it could help the body to rejuvenate and get back to good health and a younger appearance.

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