Unlocking the mystery of complex diseases


In our effort to find the answers to some of the most afflicting conditions and diseases known to science, biologists are rapidly turning to mapping the human genome to help us solve some of the great questions, such as: why do some people get certain diseases while others don’t?

One such way [pharma company AbbVie and VP of discovery Jim] Sullivan are figuring that out is with the recent collaboration with Genomics Medicine Ireland (GMI), an Irish life sciences company leading large-scale, population-based genome research studies on the island of Ireland, examining the relationship between genetics, health and disease.

Founded in 2015, GMI earlier this year announced it was to partner with AbbVie and global contract genomics organisation WuXi NextCODE on a 15-year project to sequence 45,000 genomes from volunteer participants across Ireland, to seek new insights into the biological processes that underlie complex diseases.


In the first four to five years of this partnership, Sullivan hopes that quality data science will help it and the other two parties involved to better understand the genetic underpinnings and the genes that are driving many health conditions, and explore ways that could be helpful in clinical trials.

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