French anti-biotech group destroys research field trial—of non-GMO crops

| December 19, 2017

[Editor’s note: The following has been translated from French.]

The agricultural cooperative group Auvergne Limagrain … guaranteed the “absence of varieties from new technologies” in their fields after an action by an anti-GMO collective on a plot of research they call “vandalism.”

70 members of the group Faucheurs volontaires d’OGM said they had scattered seed on wheat variety trials of French seed company Limagrain, located in Verneuil l’Etang, near Melun (50 km south of Paris). Denouncing an “act of vandalism”, the director of field seeds Bruno Carette guaranteed the “absence of any old or new biotechnology in the plot that the [group] destroyed”….After the action, which consisted of an “over-sowing in the middle of two trials”, the “damage is not immediately visible” but “between 35 and 40 hectares of research trials will likely be destroyed,” said the director. “We lose one to two years in these research programs.” … The group accuses the cereal cooperative, known for its Jacquet breads and Brossard cakes, of being “the great promoter of the new biotechnology GMOs”.

Read full, original post: Limagrain certifies that there is “no GMO” in its plots (in French)

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