In India, Nobel laureate biochemist Richard Roberts calls for politicians to listen to scientists—not activists—on GMOs

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UK-based scientist Richard J Roberts, who won the Nobel Prize in physiology in 1993, criticised the “anti-GMO people” … and said politicians should listen to the scientists and not the anti-science people, who speak “nonsense” and “tell lies”.

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Richard J Roberts

“My aim in life is to convince politicians that science is important. They should listen to the scientists and not listen to the people who are anti-science, who are people who speak [a] lot of pseudoscience,” Roberts told PTI.

“At the moment, one of the things that is important is GMO…these are the future of agriculture,” he said.


“There is so much nonsense spoken by anti-GMO people, by Greenpeace activists, it is not just true…Most of what they say is not true. Yet, they are having a big effect on people and politics,” he said.

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Talking about India’s GMO scenario, he said, “Here in India, the GMO cotton that is produced makes a huge difference and there are many other things that can be done in the country too.”

“When they are against GMO, they tell lies…they are not honest in environment protection. This is very disappointing. They are killing people, literally they are killing people, its terrible,” he said on the anti-GMO lobby.


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