Genetically attracted: Online dating site wants to use DNA for matchmaking

With the online dating market exploding into a multi-billion dollar business, it’s no surprise that entrepreneurs crave a piece of the action. To do that each rolls out their own app, which purportedly is greatly better than the one that came before.

[E]nter Pheramor. This tech start-up, based on Houston, believes that genetic analysis provides the best path to matchmaking happiness. And instead of having the dating fate of customers rely solely on questionnaires that they complete, Pheramor contends that sequencing 11 genes associated with pheromones – which are believed to switch on sexual attraction – will produce a better match.

Diving a bit deeper into the genetic pool, pheromones are controlled by each person’s type of human leukocyte antigen, or HLA. And, it says, the greater difference in HLA types, the stronger the chemistry is between two people, which is why Pheramor states, “‘Opposites attract’ is the basis for attraction.”

The company then combines your DNA data with your overall social media footprint to build your dating profile, creating an algorithm that, according to its website, “predicts your compatibility based on your attraction, personality and social media.”

And because your genetic profile cannot be tampered with, that idea provides a pretty strong sales pitch as well as a strong basis for hope of finding that perfect partner – even if science cannot support what’s being claimed.

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