Australia approves GMO canola high in omega-3 fatty acids for human consumption and animal feed

Nufarm is turning its attention to Asian markets after Australian regulators approved its genetically modified omega-3 canola for human consumption and use in animal feed.

The Australian Office of Gene Technology Regulator announced [Feb. 13] that Nuseed’s omega-3 canola had been approved for cultivation and use in animal feed.

Food Standards Australia New Zealand issued the green light for human consumption and sale in food products.

The approvals clear the way for Nufarm to begin the regulatory process in China and other markets….


It is hailed as the world’s first plant-based source of long-chain omega-3 fatty acids, important to human and fish health.

Nufarm general manager of innovation and strategy Andy Thomas said the proprietary product could relieve pressure on wild fish stocks which are used as a source of omega-3.

Modelling shows one hectare of omega-3 canola has the potential to provide the omega-3 yield from 10,000 kilograms of wild caught fish.


Nufarm is focusing commercialisation of the product on the United States where it has received approval for a significant step up in production trials under the USDA notification scheme.

The USDA has approved a significantly larger pre-commercial crop to be grown in Montana this year.

Mr Thomas said Nufarm was on track to begin commercial scale production in the US next year.


Read full, original post: Nufarm hails GM canola approval as boost for wild fish stocks

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