‘Simplifying science’ for the public key to Africa’s embrace of GMOs, Ghanaian scientist says

A former Deputy Agric Minister has urged scientists to simplify the issue of Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) technology for ordinary members of the public to properly understand.

Ahmed Alhassan Yakubu said this is the only way to get Ghanaians to embrace the GMO technology which he describes as a good one, and avoid the negative perception that it is bad for the country.

“The scientific community must wake up to that call of simplifying science for the consumption of ordinary people who do not necessarily have a scientific background,” he said.

“I agree that the demand for science to be simplified for everyday understanding is a legitimate demand, particularly that people in society are now more conscious about what product they consume and, therefore, they will always be ready to ask questions,” Alhassan said.

He insisted that GMOs are nothing harmful and would play a major role in helping transform Ghana’s agricultural sector.

Chairman of Alliance for Science Ghana John Awuku Dziwornu who also participated in the panel discussion said farmers in the country including himself are eagerly awaiting the commercialisation of GMOs to help resolve the challenges they face in their work.

“We can’t wait to have them,” he said.

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