Recording and playing back dreams isn’t here yet, but may be on the way

[W]hat if you could record your dreams, and play them back for analysis, or even share them with friends? Theoretically, experts say, that might one day be possible.

In 2011, researchers from the Gallant Lab at the University of California, Berkeley had participants watch movie trailers, and researchers were then able to reconstruct low-resolution videos of what they were viewing using only their brain activity. They improved on the process and published a follow-up study in 2016. The actual reconstructions were rough patterns rather than high-definition reproductions of the trailers. Still, this computational marvel piqued the curiosity of other scientists who wonder if a similar approach could be used to record dreams.

In April 2017, a group of scientists from the University of Wisconsin-Madison identified a “posterior cortical hot zone” in the brain that could indicate whether a person was dreaming (having a subjective experience) or not.

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In addition to identifying cues from the brain that indicate a dream state, these researchers also found that parts of the brain involved in perception during our waking hours behave the same way during sleep.

[M]ost of our inferences about dreams and the role they serve in our lives will be coarse, subjective. These preliminary, yet intriguing, efforts to peel back the veil of hidden movies are a step toward a deeper understanding of dreams.

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