Viewpoint: EWG’s Dirty Dozen foods and pesticides list scares people away from healthy eating

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The Environmental Working Group (EWG) on [April 10] released its 2018 Dirty Dozen list to showcase the top pesticide-riddled fruits and vegetables. But some argue that the list should be disregarded completely and may be scaring consumers away from otherwise healthy produce.

Tamika Sims, director of food technology communications at the International Food Information Council and the IFIC Foundation, told Newsweek that this list may actually do consumers harm by advising them to avoid otherwise healthy foods.

“I think that it’s a disservice to people to tell them to avoid all of these nutritious foods if they can’t afford or don’t have access to the organic option,” Sims said.


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While organic produce does offer lower pesticide exposure, Sims, who holds a doctorate in virology and immunology, said consumers should feel safe buying conventional produce over organic because “both are equally regulated by the USDA.”

Read full, original post: Dirty dozen list puts unnecessary fear in consumers over healthy foods, food scientist warns

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