Viewpoint: 8 things Vandana Shiva needs to know about US farmers and GMOs

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In mid-April, famous anti-GMO activist Vandana Shiva was paid nearly $20K by my hometown university to speak on campus. While I can appreciate her passion for the environment (we all have that common ground), I have always been disappointed with her ability to connect to real American family farms. Here are eight things I wish she knew:

1. Behind the “blank faces” of “industrial ag” are real people. 99% of farms are family owned by people who care.

3. The environment and proper stewardship not only affects their profits, it’s their livelihood and family history.

5. GMOs do great things for farmers and the environment. Thanks to GMOs, (everything we eat has been modified, btw) farmers can produce more crop on less land. They allow us to eliminate insecticide sprays, use fewer and safer chemicals, save crops from disease, be better tolerant of weather elements, fortified with more nutrients, reduce food waste, producer a higher quality crop, allow farmers to utilize no till farming more effectively, while preserving our precious topsoil. The list goes on. Just think – if GMOs were bad, 95% of certain crop farmers wouldn’t be growing them!

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