Viewpoint: Legal certainty, public support needed to unlock biotech’s potential in Europe

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Credit: European Commission

A new age is dawning in Europe, one that offers an opportunity to fully realize the power of biotechnology to benefit both people and planet.

What will tomorrow bring? From curing diseases, like cancer and cystic fibrosis, to tackling plastic waste in our oceans and addressing food security, innovation in biotechnology offers limitless opportunities. Grasping them requires legal certainty and, ultimately, public engagement. The public should be engaged on the global importance of biotechnology to people and the planet; they need to see how we approach culturally important or sensitive sectors like healthcare, food, and farming. Fortunately, the opportunities for communication and better harnessing the many different applications of biotechnology in Europe are growing.

[I]t is time for science-based decision-making and an end to scientifically unjustified biases against GMOs, which have been held in regulatory roadblocks for years. … The non-factual demonization of any tool that can and does deliver benefits is an affront to science and should not form the foundations for any legitimate discussion about our food system. It is time to usher in a new age of biotechnology for Europe and the world

Editor’s note: John Brennan is the secretary general of EuropaBio, Europe’s largest biotech industry group

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