Luna DNA startup wants to trade company shares for your genetic and health data


San Diego startup Luna DNA hopes to create a database of donated DNA, health records and diet/exercise information for medical researchers while paying dividends to people who voluntarily contribute their data.

“By providing their data, they become shareholders in the data base,” [President Dawn Barry said]. “The more they donate, the more shares they get, and as proceeds are generated, they flow back to the individuals in the form of dividends consistent with the number of shares they have through their data donor ships.”


Luna DNA would not provide DNA sequencing or analysis itself. The startup is targeting people who’ve already had their DNA analyzed from services like 23andMe and, as well as other means such as clinical drug trials.

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Barry estimates that roughly 15 million people have gotten genetic information through these services.

In addition, there are a host of health data aggregators today that make it easier for people to access and share their electronic medical records, she said.


“That is the beauty of a platform like this,” said Barry. “You can participate without anybody knowing your personal information. Our goal is to bring all of the de-identified, aggregated data together for research.”

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