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Eating organic food prevents cancer? New study offers more confusion than clarity

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The JAMA [Journal of the American Medical Association] Internal Medicine journal has a report …. on the relationship between organic food consumption and subsequent cancers [in French consumers] …. The limitations of such studies are well-known, surveys, recall issues, reporting your diet in a more flattering light. We also know that those individuals deliberately seeking organic foods are more [likely to] exercise and [avoid] smoking – both true in this study

[Editor’s note: For a detailed report on the study, please see this article and a separate report on the study and understanding chemical risk by the GLP’s Jon Entine, here.]

From the discussion [section of the study]:

“When considering different subgroups, the results herein were no longer statistically significant in younger adults, men, participants with only a high school diploma and with no family history of cancer, never smokers and current smokers, and participants with a high overall dietary quality, while the strongest association was observed among obese individuals ….

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That would mean …. the reduction in cancer risk from eating organic is only in women, with a family history of cancer, who are former smokers and who did not necessarily eat high-quality foods …. How could eating a less than healthy diet reduce a health risk? The researchers respond, “One hypothesis may be that higher intake of pesticide-contaminated products may partly counterbalance the beneficial role of high-quality foods…” Those must be amazing foods.

So …. Another observational study …. that proudly proclaims a more general truth than is substantiated in their paper’s evidence …. In the meantime, another paper from a “high impact” journal that contributes more shade than sunlight.

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