Despite FDA safety data, media promote glyphosate scare stories to drive readership, farmer says

fake news

FDA Testing Finds No Glyphosate Residues in Over Half of Commodities Tested. And what they did find was well within safe limits.

But I bet you didn’t see that headline splashed all over websites, featured on the daily news, or used as fundraising bait by activist organizations.

…. FDA annually tests food samples for pesticide residue …. The was so much hoopla surrounding glyphosate, the active ingredient in Round-Up, FDA specifically developed a test to detect residue levels.  It began using the test in 2016 on soybeans, corn, milk, and eggs and just published the results for FY16. The results weren’t surprising:

Of the 760 corn, soybean, milk, and egg assignment samples tested for glyphosate …. 53% had no detectable residues of the pesticides. Further, none of the milk and egg samples had any detectable glyphosate or glufosinate residues, and all the corn and soybean samples that tested positive for the pesticides were below the tolerance levels set by the …. EPA.

(Source: FDA, emphasis added.)

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In other words, there is literally nothing for anyone to worry about …. So why haven’t those news sources covered the latest data from FDA with the same vigor?

Obviously because FDA’s data isn’t sexy …. it also doesn’t fit a narrative that modern agriculture is dangerous, destructive, and problematic. The FDA’s report doesn’t get clicks so it doesn’t merit mention.

Read full, original article: FDA Testing Finds No Glyphosate Residues in Over Half of Commodities Tested

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