Claim that Monsanto ‘secretly influenced’ glyphosate research prompts Health Canada to reevaluate Roundup safety

| | November 13, 2018

Health Canada [is] reviewing hundreds of studies used during the approval process for glyphosate, the active ingredient in Canada’s most popular herbicide, Roundup.

The decision comes after a coalition of environmental groups claimed Health Canada relied on studies that were secretly influenced by agrochemical giant Monsanto, the maker of Roundup, when it re-approved use of glyphosate in 2015 and confirmed that decision in 2017.

The coalition, which includes Equiterre, Ecojustice, Canadian Physicians for the Environment and others, says academic papers looking at whether the herbicide causes cancer were presented to Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency as independent, when in fact Monsanto had a hand in writing them.

“Health Canada scientists are currently reviewing hundreds of studies to assess whether the information justifies a change to the original decision, or the use of a panel of experts not affiliated with Health Canada,” the health agency told CBC-Radio Canada ….

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But Sidney Ribaux, the head of Equiterre, isn’t satisfied. He says Health Canada should launch an independent review immediately and suspend use of the herbicide ….

In a statement to CBC, German-based Bayer AG which now owns Monsanto says it has an “unwavering commitment to sound science transparency” and did not try to influence scientific outcomes in any way. The company says in each case where it sponsored a scientific article, that information was disclosed.

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7 thoughts on “Claim that Monsanto ‘secretly influenced’ glyphosate research prompts Health Canada to reevaluate Roundup safety”

  1. An extremely persistent GMO hate troll has already tossed this in my face here I swear this asshole is a Russian anti-GMO troll army minion, attacking the same thread for an educational unbiased video every day for the last 6 months. Of course he makes it sound much more severe and certain than just a policy review. I think our Canadian friends who actually call the shots are not dumb enough to believe a jury of 12 non-scientists have made a final determination on glyphosate safety!

      • You can claim that you personally are not Putin’s minion, that’s as far as it goes. You did just profess your complete ignorance of farming on a massive scale and the devastating crop losses that happen when no pesticides are used. Nor are you ready to spend your live in fields pulling weeds by hand, smashing bugs between your fingertips, and having food cost twice as much. Check out the list of permitted chemicals under the USDA Organic Standard – a list so long your jaw will drop as you scroll through it and watch it full your screen six times, It includes copper sulfate. a deadly poison over 1000 times more toxic than glyphosate: You provided no proof or links of any kind to support your claim of corruption, as no genetically illiterate activists have ever done. Science is why you are still alive, it is what you will beg for when you contract your first life threatening illness, it is what lets you use the web right now. The joke is your ignorance.

        • There’s actually plenty of evidence in MSM to support my point, however you probably won’t read it because it sounds like you’ve made your mind up.

          Unfortunately I am the product of hippie parents, who believed in sustainable farming and zero scientific medical interventions. I also don’t really use chemicals anything. And I’ve never gotten sick short of a cold or too And a broken leg.

          Its OK that we don’t agree and I know that the world cannot really afford to live up the model that I choose to live, but I will tell you it is much better living the way I do!

          UN experts denounce ‘myth’ pesticides are necessary to feed the world
          Report warns of catastrophic consequences and blames manufacturers for ‘systematic denial of harms’ and ‘unethical marketing tactics’


          • Main stream media is exactly the problem. They print anything to sell. The fell for the EWG hoax, they are manipulated by the fear mongering groups mentioned above. I now present the mother of all GMO safety citations that includes the WHO, UN, EFSA in a total of 284 global health and safety organizations that support the safety and usefulness of GMO foods and glyphosate, virtually the entire world: This includes hyperlinks of proof for each agency. Only the Russians and the discredited IARC disagree. It’s over, GMO safety is settled science globally. You are beating a dead horse. Organic is too inefficient, we’d have to log all forests to have the same yields we have now if we only used organic and even the word organic is a hoax as you know now that I have linked the USDA organic standard. Your ‘organic’ myth refers to rainbow unicorn farms that only exist in little back yard plots where owners can police every leaf of every plant every day. The EU organic standard is now lobbying for permission to use even more copper sulfate, a deadly poison. You know damn well there are not enough humans on Earth to pull all the weeds on 1000 acre farms and that would still mean massive crop losses to some pests, common molds and diseases that happen below ground level. Then there is the climate change factors like salty soils, drought, floods, temp extremes and heightened pest threats that conventional breeding can never keep up with; GMO science to the rescue. A fantastic example of efficiency is the new GMO cotton that has edible seeds, thus vastly increasing a great source of food while we continue to grow the same cotton. The mutation removes the bitter substance that has always made cotton seeds inedible, they now make a delicious hummus. That single GMO innovation is freeing up hundreds of thousands of tons of edible seeds every year as it is being incorporated, seed that used to be suitable for cattle feed and a mediocre edible oil only.

          • Oh that link is absolutely wonderful I am interviewing probably the top anti-GMO activist/scientist in the world I will be very interested to see what she has to say about that! thank you for your information and time

          • That would be Vani Hari or Zen Honeycutt or Vandana Shiva. All tracked by Quackwatch and the Encyclopedia of American Loons. Sticking with unbiased non-activist peer reviewed science avoids that trap.

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