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French regulators launch re-evaluation of glyphosate products

| | December 4, 2018

The National Health Security Agency (ANSES) is tightening [its] grip around the herbicide king [glyphosate]. On December 15, it will withdraw from the market 132 glyphosate products for which the manufacturers have not filed a re-authorization application. By December 31, 2020, it will ban all glyphosate products that pose a risk to the environment or health, and all uses for which alternatives exist.

[The number of] Glyphosate products authorized in France [is declining]. In 2016, [it was] 316. On December 15, 2018, [it] will be no more than sixty …. In 2018, ANSES [began reevaluating] all glyphosate products [sold] on the French market ….

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The re-evaluation procedure initiated by ANSES will focus on 69 glyphosate products. “We will take a close look at the toxicity of these products to genes, their impact on the environment and the risks to human health,” says Françoise Weber, assistant director general of the ANSES, in charge of regulated products.

At the end of this procedure, “all products presenting an unacceptable risk for the environment and human health” will be banned …. In short, the work of ANSES will significantly reduce the scope of possible applications of the …. herbicide ….

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