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Canada says Monsanto weed killer Roundup unlikely to cause cancer—should consumers be relieved?

| | January 22, 2019

Health Canada has delivered some reassuring news for people worried about glyphosate [Monsanto’s Roundup] in their food and the environment in the wake of some of controversial reports and court rulings last year.

“After a thorough scientific review, we have concluded that the concerns raised by the objectors could not be scientifically supported when considering the entire body of relevant data,” [the agency] says, noting no pesticide regulatory agency in the world currently considers glyphosate a cancer risk.

Health Canada had conducted a regular review of data pertaining to the herbicide in 2017, concluding that it did not pose undue risk. It reopened the file last year in light of the….so-called “Monsanto papers,” which reportedly document how the company underhandedly tried to influence regulators and public opinion….

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So given all this, why should we believe the….assurances that things are OK, really?….while farm groups and industry applauded the results of this latest assessment, the groups and individuals who appealed the 2017 decision are up in arms.

However, farmers and the industry weren’t so happy with the agency a few months ago when it proposed a ban on the commonly used neonicotinoid pesticides because of their risk to aquatic insects. Environmental lobbyists were celebrating that time.

If you are in the regulatory business….and you can manage to get both sides mad at you within the space of a year, you are probably doing your job.

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