US ambassador urges British public to reject protectionist ‘smears’ against American agriculture

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[The first week of March] the United States published our objectives for a future trade deal with the UK. We are now ready to negotiate the most ambitious and comprehensive trade deal in the history of our special relationship. And of course we want agriculture to be part of those negotiations….

[Editor’s note: 

But the British public has been led to believe otherwise. You have been presented with a false choice: either stick to EU directives, or find yourselves flooded with American food of the lowest quality. Inflammatory and misleading terms like “chlorinated chicken” and “hormone beef” are deployed to cast American farming in the worst possible light.

It is time the myths are called out for what they really are: a smear campaign from people with their own protectionist agenda….


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American farmers are using all the scientific and technological tools at their disposal to address the challenges ahead. We have developed crops which are more resistant to drought. We have bred innovative new varieties of fruit and vegetables which can stay fresh and help us combat food waste. We have boosted the ability of our animals to fight devastating diseases. We have developed agricultural tools which radically cut the amount of carbon emissions on our farms.

Read full, original article: Don’t let smears about US farms trap Britain into the EU’s Museum of Agriculture (Behind Paywall)

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