Viewpoint: Many organic farmers aren’t anti-GMO, and they’re tired of ‘meaningless’ food labels

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Image source: Green Earth News
[In February], I attended the MOSES Organic Farming Conference, the largest such gathering in the U.S., with thousands of people in attendance.

I must admit: It’s not really what I was expecting….Since I’ve been fighting against this misinformation for years, I was expecting the conference to take an overall undertone of anti-GMO or anti-conventional farming methods, but….a majority of people were not paying any attention to what the activist groups were saying.

[Editor’s note: Michelle Miller is an Iowa-based farmer and science writer.]


….In a food labeling discussion breakout led by Organic Valley, I heard several folks voice their frustrations with the fact that they think we are labeling consumers to death; that a lot of food labels are meaningless; that there was concern if people even trust the organic label anymore….“Labels are meaningless! Consumers are confused! What’s next … made with LOVE?!,” said one organic farmer.

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It’s sad that organic farmers put so much time and effort into their farming methods….while organic food corporations such as Organic Valley, Stonyfield, and Whole Foods continue to use misinformation to sell, which ultimately undermines the whole movement.

Read full, original article: Farm Babe: A pro-GMO farmer at the nation’s largest organic farming conference

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