Food revolution: Will lab-grown meat, milk and eggs take over grocery stores?

lab grown meatball
A meatless meatball made by the Memphis Meats company for their ‘clean meat’ taste test

It’s been 6 years since scientists grew the world’s first beef burger made without the cow in the lab. As it nears its supermarket debut, researchers around the world are joining the cellular agriculture movement and growing all sorts of animal products, including delicacies such as foie gras and bluefin tuna, without the animal.

….The product would technically be the same, but the use of land and water, as well as the pollution, could be significantly reduced. Mark Post, Professor at Maastricht University, is known for the feat of creating the first lab-grown burger in 2013….Post aims to start selling this ‘cultured’ beef burger in 2021 through the company Mosa Meat.

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Everyday commodities such as eggs and milk will also soon have counterparts that are created from cells rather than an animal. The company Clara Foods is growing egg white that is expected to launch at the end of the year, while startup Perfect Day recently signed a partnership with a big food processor to produce dairy protein through fermentation rather than milking.


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