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Vietnam’s glyphosate ban: Beginning of a dangerous global trend?

Vietnam’s decision to ban farmers from using glyphosate is troubling in three ways: it appears to rely on decisions set by lay juries rather than science, it appears also to apply to imports, and it may be the beginning of a trend.

The government of Vietnam is a one-party communist system that doesn’t entertain dissent, so despite the fact that the country has 25 million farmers (out of a population of 97 million) the rulers don’t have to explain their decisions.

It appears that Vietnam’s decision is a response to two court judgments in California assigning blame to glyphosate for cancer. If this keeps up, a series of court decisions could well pressure governments to restrict the use of glyphosate, or importers could decide not to allow any glyphosate residue in grain.

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If glyphosate were banned, farmers would either return to tilling to deal with weeds, which would dramatically increase the amount of carbon released into the atmosphere, or use other herbicides that may be worse for the environment.

There is a strong global initiative by environmental organizations to ban glyphosate, despite the science….

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