French President Macron pledges glyphosate ban, halving of pesticide use by 2025 as EU election nears

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Emmanuel Macron’s EU election campaign, dubbed Renaissance, finally released its manifesto for the European election taking place later [in May 2019]. As befits a nation …. which remains Europe’s top agricultural powerhouse, many sections of the manifesto deal explicitly with food and farming.

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President Emmanuel Macron of France

Renaissance is pledging an EU ban on glyphosate and to halve the use of all pesticides by 2025 …. Halving pesticide use in a handful of years is ambitious …. More problematic is the push to ban glyphosate entirely. Such a decision would be formally taken by national governments, inside the European Commission’s secretive standing committee on plants, animals, food and feed. The European Parliament has little say.

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Renaissance also wants to create a chemical and pesticide approval system that is “more transparent and independent of lobbies.” Plus, it’s suggesting a crack sanitary protection squad to prevent food fraud ….


Macron’s plans sound much more radical than the Commission’s …. The party’s calling for a “massive increase in greening,” with a doubling of the amount of organic farmland and a guarantee that zero animals will be fed with GMOs.

Read full, original article: POLITICO Pro Morning Agri and Food: Unfair trading practices — Macron’s farm plan — CAP climate report (Behind paywall)

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