Post Brexit UK ag biotech policy: USDA official calls European approach to GMOs and food safety ‘old-fashioned, based on traditions and not modern science’

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Addressing The Scottish Farmer, amongst other UK journalists at a food show in Chicago, Foreign Agricultural Service administrator Ken Isley responded to apprehensions held by many over chlorinated chicken and GM products flooding UK shelves in the event of a post-Brexit trade deal.

“Chlorinating chicken is a limited process here in the US and is being phased out for newer technologies – less than 20% of chicken is now chlorinated.

“In a lot of ways it (the EU approach) is old-fashioned, it’s based on traditions, not based on modern science and technology. There is a view that innovation should apply everywhere but agriculture and I disagree with that,” he continued.


“The US has billions of acres of crops which have been grown using bio-technology without a single food safety issue and we think the advantages far outweigh the potential concerns.”

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Mr Isley went on to suggest that developments in UK agriculture have been stifled by choosing not to embrace ‘modern technologies.’

Read full, original article: US seeks to dispel food standards ‘myths’

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