Kind Bar attacks pro-organic rival Clif Bar for ‘disguising’ sugar in its recipe

kind bars vs clif bars
Image: Alt Protein

Kind’s latest salvo against Clif Bar is another sign that their ongoing rivalry for a bigger slice of the $5 billion snack bar market shows little sign of ending soon. The spat heated up in March, when Clif Bar took out ads in The New York Times calling for Kind to start using organic ingredients …. Of course, Clif Bar’s ad wasn’t purely altruistic, with its backhanded remarks about the organic shortcomings of competitors aiming to position itself as a leader in the space.

Kind’s latest commercial seeks to point out a perceived weakness in Clif Bar’s ingredients, specifically sugar that’s disguised with a healthy-sounding moniker — brown rice syrup. While Clif Bar touts the organic ingredients of its products, its website appears neutral on sugar, describing it as “not inherently good or bad” as a source of energy from food. Clif Bar’s claim about the lack of organic ingredients in Kind bars is rooted in truth, as Kind’s website says the brand isn’t pursuing an organic certification for its products.

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