9 questions about biohacking and the quest to upgrade the human body

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As biohacking starts to appear more often in headlines, it’s worth getting clear on some of the fundamentals. Here are nine questions that can help you make sense of biohacking.

2) Why are people doing this? What drives someone to biohack themselves?

On a really basic level, biohacking comes down to something we can all relate to: the desire to feel better — and to see just how far we can push the human body.


6) Are all these biohacking pursuits legal?

Existing regulations weren’t built to make sense of something like biohacking… . That means that a lot of biohacking pursuits exist in a legal gray zone: frowned upon by bodies like the FDA, but not yet outright illegal, or not enforced as such. 


9) At its most extreme, biohacking can fundamentally alter human nature. Should we be worried?

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Here’s another risk associated with biohacking, one I think is even more serious: By making ourselves smarter and stronger and potentially even immortal (a difference of kind, not just of degree), we may create a society in which everyone feels pressure to alter their biology — even if they don’t want to.

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