Viewpoint: Stem cell therapies have potential, but commercial industry is ‘still shady, full of hype’

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In case anyone was wondering, the commercial stem cell clinic business is still shady and full of hype, profiteering, and outright fraud. Overflowing with all of those, actually. 


The thing is, there really are a lot of legitimate opportunities in stem cell therapy, and there’s a lot of legitimate effort going into trying to get them to work. “Regenerative medicine” is a real topic and very much worth investigating. But the folks in the strip-storefront clinics with the toll-free numbers and all major credit cards accepted, they’re not helping to do any of that work. But if you’re a desperate customer without any sort of medical or scientific background, what you’ll see are all those clinics, and they talk about the thousands of people that they’ve helped, and they have locations around the country (around the world!), and about their cutting-edge science, the latest research, all those clinical trials (!), and the case histories are just amazing. . .and you’re trying to tell me that none of this is real? That it’s all just some sort of scam? Why, yes. That’s the right word.

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