Farm group moves to permanently block California’s Prop. 65 glyphosate-cancer warning labels


A nationwide coalition of agricultural producers and business organizations representing a substantial segment of U.S. agriculture filed a motion on Sept.25 for a permanent summary judgment against the California Attorney General regarding the state’s cancer warning requirement for products containing glyphosate under California’s Proposition 65.

In February 2018, Judge William Shubb of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of California granted a preliminary injunction enjoining the state from compelling companies to add a warning to any product containing glyphosate that it is a carcinogen. The decision was made in response to the coalition’s claim that the cancer warning requirement violated their First Amendment rights. The matter was then delayed while a pair of cases that touched on pertinent law were completed.

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Those cases are done, and the coalition said nothing in them would compel the court to change its ruling in this matter, thus the petition seeking to make the injunction permanent.

“California cannot compel Plaintiffs to broadcast a warning that is misleading, inaccurate, or controversial,” the motion reads. “The Proposition 65 warning, as applied to glyphosate, is all three.”


Read full, original article: Ag coalition files motion for permanent summary judgment against Prop 65 regarding glyphosate safety

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