Man with at least 17 children sues fertility clinic for being ‘incredibly irresponsible’ with his sperm

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An Oregon doctor filed a $5.25 million lawsuit [October 2] against a fertility clinic at the Oregon Health & Science University for being “incredibly irresponsible” with his sperm.

Dr. Bryce Cleary, 53, alleges that the OHSU clinic used his 1989 sperm donation to father at least 17 children—some who live in his area—despite him making an agreement with the clinic at the time that his sperm would be used for no more than five children, all born to women living out of the state.

Dr. Cleary, who lives in Corvallis, learned that at least two of his unexpected biological children conceived through the clinic have attended the same schools, as well as church and social activities, as some of the children he has with his wife.

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“The idea that you can produce that many children from one donor and throw them all in the same region?” Cleary said in an emotional statement at a news conference. “There has got to be some reforms.”

In his lawsuit, filed in Multnomah County Circuit Court, Cleary says he is “profoundly distressed” and is grappling with the “moral, legal, ethical, and personal obligations” to his many children.

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