Pro-GMO documentary ‘Food Evolution’ censored in France?

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In a confidential report, the cinematographic distribution company 2iFilms recounts its misadventures concerning the broadcasting of the documentary Food Evolution …. The film tackles a sensitive subject: exposing the demonization tactics used by anti-GMOs groups against crop biotechnology.

When 2iFilms, a young cinematographic distribution company created in 2018, decided to distribute the film in France …. it couldn’t imagine facing a well-organized campaign to censor the documentary.


The report exposes 2iFilms misadventures with Food Evolution, which began with a surprising “not recommended by French cinema”. Submitted at the end of December 2018 to obtain the label “Art and Essay”, the film was refused a month later by the college of experts of AFCAE (French Association of cinemas of art and essay).

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With surprising unanimity: not a single voice was in favor of the documentary!” This film obtained the worst vote ever recorded by the committee of experts, ” laments Eddy Agnassia [one of the managers of 2iFilms] ….

[Editor’s note: This article was published in French and has been translated and edited for clarity.]

Read full, original article: Documentary Food Evolution: predictable censorship

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