Customized diets based on genetics, and 4 other food marketing trends gaining traction in 2020

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Food marketers, take note of these trends shaping the future of the food and beverage industry:

Hypercustomization: Customizing food products based on a person’s unique biomarkers sounds like a pipe dream — but in reality, it’s not far down the pipeline to fruition.

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•There are companies that analyze food allergies via at home blood kits.

•Thanks to artificial intelligence, a person’s biological information can be analyzed, paving the way for food and meal plans that are hyperspecific to their data dietary needs.

•A restaurant serving 3D-printed sushi is slated to open this year, offering diners custom dishes based on their biodata, to be analyzed prior to their reservation.

[Editor’s note: Listen to Podcast: AI-powered nutrition devices could cut exploding obesity rates. Will FDA rules keep them off the market? to learn more.]

Disaster Farming: The planet can only grow enough fresh fruits and vegetables to feed two-thirds of the current global population. With this dire notion, companies have sprung into action to develop alternative farming methods.

•Along with …. indoor and vertical farming, gene editing has also served as a breakthrough to improve food production in a climate-changing world.

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