Conspiracy debunked: Bill Gates, Tyson Foods aren’t using COVID to boost lab-grown meat sales

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“Do you wonder why the media wants you panicked about the food supply and why farms are slaughtering and aborting animals? Bill Gates and food giant Tyson have both heavily backed lab-grown meat research,” a viral article from the website SHTF Plan reads.

The article suggests that because Bill Gates and Tyson Foods have supported research and startups focusing on lab-grown meat, they are trying to undercut the nation’s supply of meat amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

While Tyson Foods and some of its competitors have invested in “clean meat” products and companies recently, growth in these products is a long way from upending the industry’s financial dependence on traditional meat products for revenue.


Many of these issues predated the coronavirus pandemic; the meat industry is not intentionally sabotaging itself with these factors in favor of alternative meat. Rather, many of the common practices in the industry have made meat and poultry production especially vulnerable to disruption from the coronavirus pandemic.

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It is true that Bill Gates and Tyson Foods have invested in “clean meat” products in recent years. That said, there is no evidence that either has coordinated with the other on these efforts. It is also baseless to claim that the meat industry is raising alarms about the national meat supply chain to promote alternative meats.

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