Has ‘Big Tech’ replaced ‘Big Ag’ as America’s favorite corporate villain?

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For years, large agricultural companies and farmers have felt the sting of public opinion. Seed and crop protection companies have been the subject of multiple conspiracy theories claiming world domination of the food supply….But now, big ag and ag tech are being pushed aside as the fickle finger public opinion points at big technology companies.

As the stock prices of these firms have skyrocketed, the net worth of their CEOs and top management has also increased by hundreds of millions and, in at least one case, over a billion dollars. Public reaction to this has been negative. Even the technology darling Apple lost some of its luster when it revealed it was sitting on a pile of cash on hand of $207.06 billion.

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Democratic politicians are calling for more regulation of these big tech firms. The progressive movement is not happy with this kind of wealth being amassed by private industry. Conservatives are calling for restrictions on social media alleging censorship on conservative opinions.

There is something in the American psyche that just distrusts things that are big. In some cases, there is good reason; but, sometimes, there is nothing wrong with being big.

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