Mexico’s anti-glyphosate environment minister steps down after losing battle to ban weedkiller

screenshot mexico sets date for ban of glyphosate present in herbicides and in corn the mazatlan post
Credit: The Mazatlan Post

Bosco de la Vega Valladolid, president of the National Agricultural Council (CNA), celebrated the departure of Víctor Manuel Toledo Manzur from the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat), arguing there must be a cabinet where “ideologies do not prevail over science,” referencing Toledo Manzur’s opposition to the weedkiller glyphosate.

In a meeting with the media at the National Palace, where he attended as a guest of President López Obrador, the industry representative said this herbicide is necessary for the agriculture sector and prohibiting it would harm farmers.

“Is opposition to glyphosate an ideological position?” He was asked by reporters.

“It is ideological, because [the weedkiller] is an important tool for agriculture …. It would [put] a serious brake on the agri-food sector that is competing with the world ….” Valladolid replied.


President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced on August 31 that he would make an adjustment in his cabinet and Víctor Toledo – a strong critic of the president – would leave Semarnat and María Luisa Albores would take his place, who in turn will leave the Ministry of Welfare.

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[Editor’s note: This article was published in Spanish. It has been translated and edited for clarity.]

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