How AI is turning the world of copyright protection upside down

AI art that sold for a whopping $432,000 in 2018. Credit: Robbie Barrat
AI art that sold for a whopping $432,000 in 2018. Credit: Robbie Barrat

In 2016 a short novel written by a Japanese AI reached the second round of a national literary prize and the AI created by the company Deep Mind has been composing music. Many will argue that such works created by AI lack originality required under Copyright Law as AI works are based on datasets which are fed to it.

Would that mean that the musical compositions created by an AI is not original? There are various human composers who also emulate the style of famous composers and create music. If they can enjoy the fruits of Copyright, why can’t an AI created work also receive the same amount of protection when it demonstrates similar levels of creativity?

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The US, UK and Indian laws represent the three kinds of approaches which creations by AI may face globally. One clearly states that AI created work does not get the protection of Copyright while the other one clearly protects such works under its regime and the third one is ambiguous thereby potentially causing conflicting interpretations regarding copyright protection.

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This is one conversation which is not just about Copyright but also about the first of many battles between human intellect and machine intellect.

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