Viewpoint: Fox News provides platform for pandemic conspiracy promoter Naomi Wolf after previously mocking her ‘leftist’ views

Credit: Fox News
Credit: Fox News

The feminist writer Naomi Wolf garnered fame during the 1990s for her book The Beauty Myth and her work as an adviser to the presidential campaigns of Bill Clinton and Al Gore. But in recent years, she’s been better known for promoting an array of unhinged conspiracy theories, most recently regarding the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19. This combination has made her a perfect guest for Fox News.

“This woman calls herself Dr. Naomi Wolf… She’s advised presidential candidates, Al Gore, most famously,” [Tucker Carlson said]. “She was a Rhodes Scholar. You and I were raised to believe that she was really impressive, but she’s really not.”

But a few days after President Joe Biden was victorious in the 2020 election, Wolf tweeted, “If I’d known Biden was open to ‘lockdowns’ as he now states, which is something historically unprecedented in any pandemic, and a terrifying practice, one that won’t ever end because elites love it, I would never have voted for him.”  


And mirabile dictu, Carlson’s faith in her was immediately restored. 

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During the interview that followed, Carlson nodded along as Wolf told him and his audience that “under the guise of a real medical pandemic, we’re really moving into a coup situation, a police state situation” in which… “we are turning into a version of a totalitarian state before everyone’s eyes.”

At the conclusion of the interview, Carlson thanked Wolf for the “eye-opening pleasure” and said he hoped she’d be back. And a few weeks later she was.


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