Viewpoint: Extreme rightwing anti-vaccine rejectionism — Conspiracy promoters liken the unvaccinated to Holocaust and Civil Rights victims

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DeAnna Lorraine. Credit: Stew Peters Show
DeAnna Lorraine. Credit: Stew Peters Show

If you’re ever tempted to compare something to the Holocaust, just don’t. 

Conservative activist and conspiracy theorist DeAnna Lorraine, who recently said she wouldn’t get a COVID-19 vaccine even if Jesus were to take it, never got the memo. She recently appeared on a right-wing talk show to explain why separating vaccinated people from unvaccinated people (as some public places are choosing to do) reminds her of the Holocaust and the Civil Rights movement. 

“Again, we go back to the Holocaust, where they had to show their papers. They had to show their papers, they had to wear the gold star. Isn’t this eerily familiar to that? We have to show our papers, we have to show proof of vaccination, and it’s going to be separating people from vaccinated versus unvaccinated,” [Lorraine said.]

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It’s different because people like Lorraine are choosing not to be vaccinated, and choosing to put other people in harm’s way. People of color never did that. Jews never did that. Lorraine is. (See? Easy.) Or how’s this? There’s no underlying motive of hate in play here. No one is targeting Lorraine for her backwards views, only her harmful actions. 

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