Viewpoint: ‘If it’s organic, it’s non-GMO’: Why consumers don’t need this recently introduced ‘irrelevant food label’ on grocery store shelves

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Credit: Quality Assurance International
Credit: Quality Assurance International

While I typically try and shop around labels that are not supportive or have no relation to the actual product — looking at you, Non-GMO Project — sometimes it is hard to avoid. I might even miss it while shopping and not realize until I am unpacking groceries — just like I did on my latest grocery run. 

While unpacking my Clif Bars (don’t come after me, I am a pregnant lady with a craving), I saw a label that was new to me, “Certified Organic — If it’s Organic, it’s Non-GMO.”

I was immediately disappointed I didn’t catch it in the store. Secondly, I was frustrated that consumers and the agriculture industry have to deal with yet another irrelevant label. At least, however, it isn’t straight-up lying: It is noting that because the product is organic, it is also non-GMO, according to USDA’s organic standards. 

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However, when are marketing experts going to stop vilifying farmers for producing high quality food and make the consumer pay more for what they deem as “better”? The uncontrolled label market needs to be held accountable. As for this new label, add it to the list of attempts to “better” the consumer’s experience while shopping. 

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