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Steve Savage’s Episodes

Steve Savage, plant pathologist and agriculture industry consultant, co-hosts Biotech Facts and Fallacies with Cameron English. Since 2017, Savage has hosted the podcast POP Agriculture in association with the CropLife Foundation. With 35 years experience as a plant scientist, Savage offers an engaging and critical look at pressing issues in modern agriculture. Full bio
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Podcast: Recycling 190 million pounds of pesticide containers to promote sustainable agriculture

Ag recycles! On this episode of Biotech Facts and Fallacies, plant scientist Steve Savage delves into the world of agricultural ...
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Podcast: Genesis of GMOs—How the tools of biotechnology came to be

Following some groundbreaking experiments in the early 1970s, biologists discovered they could move DNA between species. This development launched the ...

Podcast: Primer on bees, varroa mites and the ‘beepocalypse’ that never was

This time it’s all about the bees! From the composition of a working hive to the diseases that plague honey ...

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