Gene therapy extends mouse lifespan by 24 %

Scientists have successfully extended the lifespan of mice using gene therapy, a strategy never before employed to combat aging. The ...

We’re all mutants now

John Timmer | 
The field of study called population genetics has played a critical role in the development of modern biology, helping unite ...

Pluristem stem cells save girl’s life

Pluristem Therapeutics Ltd. (Nasdaq:PSTI; DAX: PJT: PLTR)has announced that a seven year-old girl suffering from an aplastic bone marrow whose ...

Should we outlaw genetic discrimination?

Rosalind English | 
The late US law Professor Paul Miller reflected recently that Beethoven, Stephen Hawking and Elton John were examples of individuals ...

Environmental influence on epigenetics

Brian McDonough | 
It is called epigenetics. This is where at the microscopic level the genes should function normal but something in the ...
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Wolf found in New Brunswick for first time in 150 years, testing confirms

Genetic testing has confirmed that an animal fatally shot last month by a hunter in northern New Brunswick was a ...

Going hostile with $2.6 billion Human Genome offer

Ben Hirschler | 
GlaxoSmithKline will take its $2.6 billion bid for long-time partner Human Genome Sciences direct to shareholders this week, after its ...

Tilghman reflects on DNA study

Meredith Wright | 
A solution to the ethical dilemma of using human embryonic stem cells to treat human diseases could be staring us ...

Fighting breed-related diseases

Ann Hohenhaus | 
The refinement of purebred dogs over the past four or five centuries has created interesting versions of Canis familiaris, such ...

Genetics of homosexuality: “Don’t ask, don’t tell, don’t publish”?

Jon Entine | 
Critics of homosexuals portray it as a “deviant” lifestyle choice and a violation of God’s will. Some religious conservatives argue ...

Genes & obesity

Jon Entine | 
The latest Genomics & Health Impact Update has a primer on genetic links to obesity—a must read. It also links ...

Risk and DNA: In search of the money gene

Leon Neyfakh | 
What makes someone want to start a business? That was what the young economist Philipp Koellinger was trying to figure ...

Geneticist develops tool to identify genes important in disease, tailoring individual treatment

Though the human genome has been sequenced, scientists are still trying to figure out how the accomplishment can help people, ...

University study finds mixed reception of genetic testing

Connie Ho | 
Researchers at Loyola University Chicago’s Stritch School of Medicine have found that patients see both benefits and risks from direct-to-consumer ...

Does patenting genes stifle innovation and health care access?

Alka Malhotra | 
Three years in the making, the now highly publicized American Civil Liberties Union lawsuit against Myriad Genetics is still hanging ...
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What is life? Follow the bits

Alan Boyle | 
The debate over the definition of life is getting messier and messier, but one of the pioneers on the biochemical ...

Genetic study traces horse domestication to Russia

Rebecca Cassidy | 
A genetic study of horses across Eastern Europe and Central Asia has traced the domestication of one of man's most ...

Enzyme corrects more than one million faults in DNA replication

Scientists from the Medical Research Council (MRC) Institute of Genetics and Molecular Medicine (IGMM) at the University of Edinburgh have ...

Test-tube’ babies have more birth defects?

Marilynn Marchione | 
Test-tube babies have higher rates of birth defects, and doctors have long wondered: Is it because of certain fertility treatments ...
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Minnesotans weigh pros and cons of breakthrough genetic testing technology

Mark Saxenmeyer | 
Lynn is a Minneapolis artist, inspired by international science. “I have a real curiosity,” she says, as a string of ...
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Will Gattaca come true?

Mara Hvistendahl | 
Noninvasive, early fetal tests for sex, paternity and chromosomal conditions will change pregnancy dramatically- and raise tricky ethical questions.A scientist ...

Can blood test predict breast cancer risk?

A blood test that spots changes in a specific gene could reveal a woman's risk for breast cancer years before ...

Newborns with missing spleen – Genetic link identified

Petra Rattue | 
A study published online in the May 3 edition of Developmental Cell reveals that researchers at the Weill Cornell Medical ...

Canadian geneticist discovers secret behind the blond-haired Solomon Islanders

Lesley Ciarula Taylor | 
The discovery of a gene mutation that gives some Soloman Islanders platinum blond hair has important implications for medicine and ...
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Back from the dead: Couple who paid $155,000 to CLONE their dog

One couple couldn't bare to live without their beloved yellow Labrador, so when he died of cancer they put a ...
Legacy book

Jews are an ancient Middle Eastern ‘tribe’, genes reveal

Jon Entine | 
In his new book, “Legacy: A Genetic History of the Jewish People,” Harry Ostrer, a medical geneticist and professor at ...
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