CAPS REVISED Building Trust for Food Technology Innovation Featured Image

Building Trust For Food Technology Innovation Is A Long Process

Charlie Arnot | 
Science alone will not build public support for controversial food and farming technologies. Innovation supporters need to encourage a consensus ...
CAPS REVISED How transformed the GMO debate and paved Featured Image

How 2016 Transformed The GMO Debate And Paved The Way For Consumer Acceptance

David Ropeik | 
The debate over GMO food safety is over, although diehard opponents of farming innovations may not acknowledge it. Consumers want ...
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Nestlé bucks trend, won’t add GMO labels despite activist pressure

Kavin Senapathy | 
The organic faction is back at it with its bullying tactics. This time, they're going after Nestlé. In a February ...
CAPS REVISED Should University Research Scientists Partner Featured Image

Should University Agricultural Research Scientists Partner With Industry?

Paul Vincelli | 
Studies show research on GE crops is not significantly influenced by conflicts of Interest. However, it is important to remain ...
Even if organic food was as cheap as conventional, not everyone would buy it, study finds

Even if organic food was as cheap as conventional, not everyone would buy it, study finds

Jayson Lusk | 
[Editor's note: Jayson Lusk is a professor in the Department of Agricultural Economics at Oklahoma State University.] I presumed most ...
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Environmentalists pressure Canadian schools to drop food waste webinar because it mentions non-browning GE apple

Terrence McEachern | 
[Editor's note: Read the GLP's profile on the genetically engineered non-browning Arctic Apple and the potential for genetic engineering to ...
Why hasn't India embraced GM food as it did Green Revolution technologies?

Why hasn’t India embraced GM food as it did Green Revolution technologies?

Vivian Fernandes | 
[Editor's note: Vivian Fernandes is editor of Smart Indian Agriculture, a website devoted to promoting modern practices in agriculture including use ...
Spotlight sustainable Agriculture

Green genes: Germany’s top organic researcher says environmentalists should embrace CRISPR editing

Urs Niggli | 
[Editor's note: The following is a Q&A with Urs Niggli, director of the Research Institute for Organic Agriculture in Germany ...
FDA Reading Food Label Woman Grocery Store Nutrition Label Changes

Campbell’s Soup works with federal agencies to craft national GMO label

Elizabeth Crawford | 
Drawing on extensive consumer research, The Campbell Soup Co.'s GMO disclosure labels on packs and online could serve as a ...
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National Academies: Conflict of interest claims directed at GMO report ‘unfair and disingenuous’

[Editor's note: The following is a statement by the US National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine in response to ...
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Getting Risk Right: Geoffrey Kabat’s book asks, “are we afraid of the wrong things?”

Harriet Hall | 
[Editor's note: Geoffrey Kabat is a cancer researcher and an epidemiologist at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine.] Why do things that ...
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Is non-GMO label a ‘declaration of opposition to farmers, science?’

Trevor Charles | 
[Editor's note: Trevor Charles is a microbiologist at the University of Waterloo in Canada.] [M]y tweet about an example of a ...
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UK farmers push back against ‘pseudo-science attack’ on herbicide glyphosate

Oliver Hill | 
Hundreds of farmers across Britain are coming together in a concerted effort to show politicians and the public why glyphosate ...
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Tanzania’s first ever GMO field trial: Drought-tolerant, insect-resistant corn ‘shows promising results’

Mark Lynas | 
Tanzania's first-ever genetically-modified crop trial was planted only a 30-minute drive from the capital. ... A year ago the Tanzanian ...
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5 non-GMO ‘frankenfoods’ that can carry organic label

Kavin Senapathy | 
One of the most common food myths of our time is that GMOs are “frankenfoods” while heirloom or organic varieties ...
CAPS REVISED When Celebrity and Science Collide Featured Image

When Celebrity And Science Collide: Hollywood And The Anti-Biotechnology Food Movement

Julie Kelly | 
Celebrityhood does not equate with science knowledge. The opinions of music and media stars are no more relevant to the ...
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Iowa farmer: 8 popular food companies that promote myths about GMOs

Michelle Miller | 
[Editor’s note: Michelle Miller, known on social media as the Farm Babe, raises lamb and beef cattle, and grows almost ...
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Bias at The New York Times? Stephanie Strom botches report on bees and neonicotinoid pesticides

Jon Entine | 
Covering food and modern farming has not been the New York Times' strong point, writes GLP's Jon Entine. Is the ...
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He’s baaaack: Natural News restored to Google, as founder Mike Adams escalates ‘censorship’ claim

Barry Schwartz | 
[Editor's note: was delisted from Google search results on February 23, 2017, for what was later revealed to be ...
CAPS REVISED Transparency Helps Food Producers Increase Trust Processes Featured Image

Transparency Helps Food Producers Increase Trust Processes And Products

Charlie Arnot | 
Research shows that consumers hold food companies most responsible not only for labor issues, human rights and business ethics, but ...
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Precision agriculture: How big data can make farms more sustainable

Farmers have numerous sources of technology and data available to use in their operations, but many producers struggle with what ...
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Google delisted Mike Adams’ Natural News website for ‘sneaky’ marketing, not content

Emil Karlsson | 
It became apparent that “Natural News” had been removed from Google search results on February 22 [2017]. The website did ...
REVISED New Technology Adoption is the Ethical Thing to Do Featured Image

New Technology Adoption Is The Ethical Thing To Do

Charlie Arnot | 
CFI's research shows much stronger support for teaching developing countries how to feed themselves instead of exporting food to them ...
CAPS REVISED Science Denial is a Global Issue Hampering Food Featured Image

Science Denial Is A Global Issue Hampering Food Technology Advancements

Charlie Arnot | 
On GM foods or myriad other issues, what barriers are important to science denial? This is the latest in the ...
REVISED Shared Values Must Come Before Featured Image

Shared Values Must Come Before Science in Winning Consumer Trust On Today’s Farming Practices

Charlie Arnot | 
Science isn’t enough. Science tells us if we can do something while society tells us if we should. Farmers need ...
REVISED Technology in Farming and Food Featured Image

Technology In Farming And Food: Farmers And Producers Need To Build Trust

Charlie Arnot | 
Consumers expect more than quality and safety; they want the supply chain to be transparent. Farmers and food companies that ...
Day Two Sidebar Social Sharing Featured Image A

Transparency Is Key To Consumer Acceptance Of New Technology

Charlie Arnot | 
Can gene-editing technology avoid the stigma associated with GMOs? Center for Food Integrity research says food and agricultural companies must ...
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