Variations in sex steroid gene expression can predict aggressive behaviors

An Indiana University biologist has shown that natural variation in measures of the brain's ability to process steroid hormones predicts ...

Is genetic testing for dementia appropriate?

Prue Salasky | 
Would you want to know if you had a genetic risk factor forAlzheimer's or dementia? And, if you did know, ...
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Do liars really have different brains?

Alex Knapp | 
As biology has advanced, it’s become increasingly clear that the environment and yes, even choice, have a remarkable impact on ...
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How do you live knowing you might have an alzheimer’s gene?

Gina Kolata | 
Though as much as 99 percent of all Alzheimer’s cases are not a result of a known genetic mutation, researchers ...

From stem cell to brain cell: New technique mimics the brain

A new technique that converts stem cells into brain cells has been developed by researchers at Lund University. The method ...

Central nervous system stem cells shed light on mechanism that controls cell division

Animals consist of many distinct cell types, all of which originate during development from a single cell: the fertilized egg ...

Placental stem cells with key therapeutic properties can be harvested

Scientists at Children's Hospital Oakland Research Institute (CHORI) led by Vladimir Serikov, MD, PhD, and Frans Kuypers, PhD, report in ...
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Big brained mice created in lab, could provide insight into how the human brain works and develops

Mice with a single missing gene have brains that are 35 percent larger than normal, a new study found. Though ...

Stem cells boost brain tumor treatments for some patients, study finds

Ryan Jaslow | 
Patients with brain cancer may face devastating side effects from chemotherapy, but a new study offers a possible solution: stem ...
Illustration Republican Elephant Democrat Donkey

The biology of political narcissism: Donkey brains vs. Elephant grey matter

Jon Entine | 
Anti-Republican science writer Chris Mooney stirred a hornets nest of controversy with the publication of his recent book, The Republican ...

Genetics of homosexuality: “Don’t ask, don’t tell, don’t publish”?

Jon Entine | 
Critics of homosexuals portray it as a “deviant” lifestyle choice and a violation of God’s will. Some religious conservatives argue ...
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