Childhood trauma: The kids are not alright, and part of the explanation may be linked to epigenetics

Kristen Hovet | 
The old adage about kids being resilient and able to bounce back from early traumas isn't necessarily borne out by ...
american melting pot

Sen. Elizabeth Warren controversy: Almost every American has a sliver of Native American ancestry

Arvind Suresh | 
The reporting on the largest genetic study of American ancestry—claims that Americans are a genetic melting pot of white, black ...
artificial womb x

Are we ready for the artificial womb?

David Warmflash | 
In the coming years, the obstacles to ectogenesis --development outside of a mother from fertilization to full-term infancy-- will be ...
bridging the gaps

DNA sequencing for mass data collection may lower consumer costs to zero

Kat McGowan | 
A well-organized, highly curated database of genetic data from millions of people is a potential goldmine for drug company researchers ...

Overcoming genetic risks with healthy lifestyle choices

Dinesh Sharma | 
It is often said in the context of lifestyle diseases that “genetics loads the gun, lifestyle pulls the trigger.” This ...
Amish Facts Dont Go For The Trim

Why some Amish are genetically wired to live longer

Ruth Kava | 
Although known mainly for their adherence to an older, simpler way of life, some Amish folks also have a genetic ...
a a faa c e fd c fc bc original

Building and coding your own video games with jellyfish DNA

Deborah Evanson | 
[Engineer Helene Steiner] has developed a bio-pixel display that can play games such as Tetris, Snake or Pong using the ...
CRISPR opener

Gene drives: Nature editorial board calls out green groups for ‘unfair attempt to create damaging and polarizing spin’

[A]lthough it might not always be obvious, both critics and advocates of the technique — called a gene drive — tend to agree on ...

Skin color and ‘race’: Genetics reveal complicated relationship

Kristen Brown | 
For much of recorded history, skin color has been loaded with powerful social meaning. Skin color plays a major part ...

Could humans learn to love sex robots?

Samantha Cole | 
Kate Devlin says she does, occasionally, get a little weary of being pigeonholed as “that sex robot woman.” … “There’s ...
mass extinction worse than thought study drought

Should we accept the extinction of endangered species as just another part of evolution?

Jeff Atkins | 
A recent opinion piece in the Washington Post from Dr. Robert Alexander Pyron has created quite the stir in the conservation and ...

DIY gene therapy? FDA is not a fan

Julianna LeMieux | 
A few biohackers (fans of do-it-yourself (DIY) science experiments) recently designed a gene therapy for HIV. Not only that, they posted a video ...

Era of unregulated stem cell therapies may be coming to an end

Jamie Wells | 
Is the Wild West of stem cell therapies coming to an end? Newly released guidelines from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) suggest ...
healthcare costs x

Exorbitant costs of gene therapy raise payment concerns for patients and government

Arlene Weintraub | 
[Editor's note: Executives from several companies developing gene therapies gathered for a panel discussion at the recent Forbes Healthcare Summit, ...
managing migraine triggers and help getting treatment e

Migraine relief: First drug in 20 years that can prevent and cut in half length of attacks

A new migraine drug that can halve the length of attacks has been hailed as “the start of real change” ...
man making salad e

Genetics and eating: Why diets don’t work the same for everyone

Melissa Matthews | 
New research from scientists at Texas A&M University found that a standard diet doesn’t work for everyone, in a study ...

Neuron by neuron: We often examine the brain too closely to see the big picture

Grigori Guitchounts | 
[Rafael Yuste thinks neuroscientists have been looking at the brain too close. “It’s just like a TV screen—if you’re watching ...

Surrogate granted limited parental visitation rights by UK court, rejecting genetic connection

Ellen Trachman | 
In the surrogacy world, one of the worst case scenarios for intended parents is that the surrogate will change her ...
caza F

Reexamining common genetics lesson: At least 49 genes contribute to earlobe attachment

A common, hands-on method for teaching genetics in grade school encourages students to compare their earlobes with those of their ...
Data x

Genomics AI tool: Google’s DeepVariant released as open source

Frances Addison | 
A novel artificial intelligence tool that can accurately call out variants in sequencing data was released as open source on the ...

Turning night owls into early birds? It may soon be possible

Carrie Partch | 
The discovery of a genetic mutation linked to night owl behavior raises the prospect of a drug treatment that would ...

Cuddling may change your baby’s epigenome, improve their immune system over the long term

David Nield | 
The amount of close and comforting contact that young infants get doesn't just keep them warm, snug, and loved. A ...

Podcast: Who should have access to gene-editing tools?

Scientists and researchers from major labs are putting their minds and grant dollars into gene editing tools like CRISPR, which ...
Genetic Alphabet DNA PZ x

‘Semi-synthetic’ organism expands DNA base alphabet

Antonio Regalado | 
Every living thing on Earth stores the instructions for life as DNA, using the four genetic bases A, G, C, ...

Countering alarmist health reporting with scientific savvy

Amy Fleming | 
Without even thinking about it, the survival instinct is for ever on, which is why, says Brunel University’s James Carney, a ...
killingrats n web

Uptown rats? Rodents in New York City have genetically adapted to different neighborhoods

Sarah Zhang | 
As a whole, Manhattan’s rats are genetically most similar to those from Western Europe, especially Great Britain and France. They ...

Proof the yeti exists? DNA analysis shows bone ‘samples’ came from bears

Sarah Zhang | 
In the fall of 2013, Charlotte Lindqvist got a call from a film company making an Animal Planet documentary about ...
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