How to choose the best DNA tests to understand your health risks

How to choose the best DNA tests to understand your health risks

Jeanne Erdmann | 
The at-home genetic testing market for health conditions is soaring, and the kits are more affordable than ever. The process ...
Illustration of DNA Replication

Podcast: Polymerase chain reaction—The ‘transformative’ tool that sparked a genetics revolution

Kat Arney | 
In this episode we’re taking a look at the story and the characters behind one of the most transformative - ...

Childhood trauma: The kids are not alright, and part of the explanation may be linked to epigenetics

Kristen Hovet | 
The old adage about kids being resilient and able to bounce back from early traumas isn't necessarily borne out by ...

Podcast: Can we harness the power of germline editing without inviting disaster?

Christopher Gyngell, Kevin Folta | 
Gene editing has moved rapidly from the lab to real-world applications in medicine, yielding novel treatments for diseases like sickle ...
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DNA A-to-F: Can genes predict if kids will succeed in school?

Daisy Yuhas | 
[Social scientist Ben] Domingue and his colleagues found that [a] polygenic score could help identify which groups of high schoolers ...
covid genetics immune system

1 in 7 COVID patients have genetic flaws that dramatically increase their vulnerability

Meredith Wadman | 
[S]cientists baffled by [COVID-19’s] ferocity have wondered whether the body’s vanguard virus fighter, a molecular messenger called type I interferon, ...
dna heritage test x

How accurate are the ‘ethnicity estimates’ claimed by DNA genealogy companies?

Caitlin Harrington | 
Since 2012, more than 18 million people have mailed their spit-filled vials to [Ancestry DNA], which analyzes the genetic material ...
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‘Editing Humanity’: Kevin Davies’ new book on CRISPR, the ‘miracle of our age’

Carl Zimmer | 
“The Crispr story has arrived for the grand telling as a miracle of our age,” the [MIT Technology Review announced ...

How anti-Semitism shaped the genes of Jewish people

Ricki Lewis | 
Evidence of past outrages is not only in the history books. It's also written in our genomes ...
conflicting signals t

The Goldilocks phenomenon: Why as many as 45% of patients get COVID and show no symptoms

Emily Laber-Warren | 
One of the reasons Covid-19 has spread so swiftly around the globe is that for the first days after infection, ...
sep c migration

The Great migrations in the US in the first half of the 20th century show up in our genes

Shawna Williams | 
[Software engineer Chengzhen Dai] and his advisor, designer and engineer Carlo Ratti, teamed up with population geneticist Alicia Martin of ...
sars cov immune system genetics covid

Your personal genomic profile could guide treatment if you contract COVID

Over the past few months, a number of drugs have been under investigation to treat COVID-19 without well-established safety or data to ...
andme and its pharma connections

Drugs tailored to your personal genomics: New partnership between 23andMe and GlaxoSmithKline

Kate Sheridan | 
The California-based [23andMe] is now focused on a partnership with pharma giant GlaxoSmithKline to discover new drugs using data culled ...
shriverclaes figure copy

Can we use DNA to sketch the faces of criminals?

Carrie Arnold | 
Most labs studying DNA phenotyping look for relationships between changes to individual letters of a person’s genetic code, known as ...

Ostrich Paradox: How our inability to process risk is crippling responses to COVID

Lia Kvatum | 
The question is… Why do some take the threat of the virus more seriously than others? Your risk of contracting ...
diversitypeerreview e

Asians and Blacks dramatically under-represented in medical research, distorting drug therapy effectiveness

Chief Ben-Eghan, Jose Sergio Hleap, Rosie Sun | 
A 2018 analysis of studies looking for genetic variants associated with disease found that under-representation [of minorities] persists: 78% of ...
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Craving to catch the last rays of summer? It’s likely in your genes

[P]eople’s behaviour towards seeking sun is complicated by a genetic predisposition, and this needs to be taken into account when ...
human immunodeficiency virus hiv aids stem cell shutterstock

How one person was spontaneously cured of HIV—and what that may mean in the fight against AIDS

Tina Hesman Saey | 
Twice, people infected with HIV have had levels of the virus in their bodies drop to undetectable levels after bone marrow ...
facial recognition threat

Resurrection of phrenology? AI’s quest to link facial features and criminality has a shady Victorian legacy

Catherine Stinson | 
'Phrenology’ has an old-fashioned ring to it. It sounds like it belongs in a history book, filed somewhere between bloodletting ...
genetic testing before pregnancy

Podcast: Rare genetic disorders and pregnancy—Navigating an ’emotionally challenging’ journey

Kat Arney, Kira Dineen, Ron Jortner | 
We look at the progress that’s been made in tackling rare genetic disorders (and the challenges that remain) and we ...

DNA testing reveals buried family secrets

Caitlin Harrington | 
[T]echnology has a way of creating new consequences for old decisions. Today, some 30 million people have taken consumer DNA ...

DNA testing in the workplace

Tom Spiggle | 
To help prevent genetic discrimination, Congress passed the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2008 (GINA). Let’s take a look at this law ...
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Debating group differences in intelligence: A conversation with philosopher Nathan Cofnas

Grégoire Canlorbe, Nathan Cofnas | 
Nathan Cofnas is an American philosopher and philosophy PhD Candidate at Oxford University. He is known for his works on ...
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Personalized medicine and precision nutrition: Biases distort how individuals respond to health risks

Richard Williams | 
Some people fear sharks more than cars, although the probability of dying in a car is over 30,000 times higher. And ...
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Gene mutation makes some people more susceptible to the coronavirus

[R]esearch published in the Journal of the American Medical Association analysed variation of the genetic makeup of four young male patients ...
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‘Tantalizing solutions’: How we are developing the next generation of cancer drugs

Stephen Ornes | 
Cancer treatments have always been linked to a specific part of the body — these drugs for breast cancer, and ...
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Coronavirus highlights why the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act is ripe for overhaul

Pete Shanks | 
[Palantir] has been hired and has assigned 45 staff to a project “designed to predict surges in NHS demand during the ...
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