Why is the Gates Foundation helping Monsanto push GMOs?

Paige Aarhus | 
Monsanto and the Gates Foundation claim genetically modified crops will revolutionize agriculture in Kenya, but critics warn the technology is ...

Tanzania: Call for review of GMO rules

Orton Kiishweko | 
SOME stakeholders in the cotton industry have demanded the strict liability clause in bio-safety regulatory framework to be removed to ...

Grant will help scientists uncover hidden soybean genes

Soybeans are the world's largest single source of vegetable protein and edible oil, already used to make livestock feed, soymilk, ...

Scientists now raise fears on safety of GMOs

Dr Lubano Kizito of the Kenya Medical Research Institute said the human health is crucial and thus safety issues that ...
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Opinions on genetic engineering that aren’t worth a bean

Henry Miller | 
Just in time for Earth Day in April, a Stanford Magazine article about the farming of soybeans offered a rich ...

Importance of global food supply and security

The importance of a secure global food supply extends beyond the threat of hunger and malnutrition into wider security concerns, ...

GM crops and Africa: Agricultural potential

Isobel Coleman | 
Today, I had the opportunity to speak with Calestous Juma, professor of the practice of international development at Harvard. Juma ...
cornucopia crops

Faith in nature can be fatal: Creating allergen free foods through GM technology

Lee Silver | 
How can one simple word -- organic -- have such different meanings? ...

Mom: ‘I’d never buy organics because I’m afraid there are dangerous pesticides on conventional produce’

Melinda Wenner Moyer | 
YOU NEED TO SAY IN AN EDITOR'S NOTE WHO THIS 'MOM' IS When my son was a baby, organic was a synonym ...
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