Are probiotics actually essential in a ‘normal’ GI tract?

Mark Crislip | 
The more I understand about normal GI flora, the more I suspect probiotics are the wrong answer to a wide ...
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Extending healthy life through gene manipulation: Sounds cool but it’s complicated

David Warmflash | 
There has been a recent flurry of news and excitement about tracing the the genetics of athletic ability, effects of ...
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Ex Food Babe staffer exposé? Does Vani Hari admit to spinning science for money and fame?

Jon Entine | 
An interesting and revealing exchange with Vani Hari, the self-proclaimed Food Babe, began with an open letter published last week ...

Molecules designed to ‘strangle’ bone cancer cells, furthering search for treatments

Erika Gebel Berg | 
Chemists have designed a carbohydrate-based molecule that can surround and strangle bone cancer cells by self-assembling into a tangled web ...

New findings on fragile X syndrome may explain why some drugs prove ineffectual

Scientists have gained new insight into fragile X syndrome, the most common cause of inherited intellectual disability, by studying the ...
Does genome editing mean the end of genetic disease?

Does genome editing mean the end of genetic disease?

Jennifer Doudna, Kara Moskvitch | 
In October, two scientists shared the $3 million Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences for inventing the CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing technology ...

Studies in mice show timing of meals important in maintaining body weight

While the diet wars may rage on, it's pretty universally accepted that what you eat matters when it comes to ...
Fluzone vaccine extracting

Why this year’s flu vaccine wasn’t great and what can be done

Arvind Suresh | 
The unusually poor effectiveness of this year's flu vaccine calls for renewed efforts to create better vaccines, faster. What do ...
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US cancer death rates continue sharp drop, down 22% over two decades

Joley Johnson Mork | 
In 1991 American deaths from cancer reached an historic peak, claiming the lives of 215 out of 100,000 citizens. In the two ...

Do fatty and sugary foods affect the brain and make you want to eat more?

Obviously, overeating unhealthy foods can lead to overweight. But looking beyond direct effects on expanding waistlines, our lab studies how ...

Nanotechnology and medicine: Coming of microscopic machines that treat disease

Ben Locwin | 
It’s been the stuff of science fiction: Sending miniaturized machines through the human body to repair organs internally, without the ...
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Will “non natural” synbio dairy products face same skepticism as GMOs?

Rebecca Randall | 
Dairy-free genetically modified milk and cheese products could appeal to vegans' environmental sensibilities. But they also face pushback over concerns ...
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Stretching human life span to 200 years? Implications of bowhead whale study

David Warmflash | 
A major player in the anti-genetic engineering nutritional industry is behind longevity studies on whales, that might lead to the ...
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While almost all celiac and gluten sensitivity claims are misguided, symptoms are real and treatable

David Warmflash | 
There is no scientific evidence for a GMO-celiac disease link. It's also clear that non-celiac gluten allergies are wildly overstated ...

Slowing the aging process: How the Mediterranean diet preserves your chromosomal telomeres

David Warmflash | 
People who stick closely to a Mediterranean diet were found to have longer telomeres—a biomarker of aging found at the ...
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Spray-on DNA bar codes help trace food-borne illnesses

Jane Palmer | 
If farms sprayed their unique DNA signature on foods, the source of contamination in food born outbreaks could be identified ...

No Love in Boulder for Colorado’s GMO Labeling Proposition

Paul McDivitt | 
Boulder is ... home to several world-renowned scientific organizations, as well as the University of Colorado-Boulder. It’s worth noting that ...
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Food Hunk challenges Foodbabe and other anti-GMO activists

Jeff Fountain | 
Early this September I attended the National Heirloom Expo in Santa Rosa.  It’s an event that’s centered around the pure ...

Q&A illuminates the ‘golden age’ of memory science

When it comes to the study of memory, we might be living in something of a golden age. Researchers are ...

BRCA1&2 negative women also seeking double mastectomy at increasing rates

Kathryn Edwards always thought that if she were ever diagnosed with breast cancer, "I'm taking them both." So when her ...

Beyond BRCA1&2, more genes responsible for breast cancer risk

Four new genes have been added to the growing list of those known to cause increased breast cancer risk when ...

Environment, genes equally at play in autism

Kate Kelland | 
Environmental factors are more important than previously thought in leading to autism, as big a factor as genes, according to ...
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Rumors of the death of consumer genomics greatly exaggerated

Direct-to-consumer genetic testing can offer exciting new ways of understanding ourselves and so far we've only seen the tip of ...

Remnants of ancient viruses in human genome may play role in cancer

According to an international team of scientists from the United States, Europe and Russia, non-coding parts of the human genome ...
Is PMS really to blame

How much does genetics dictate your mood and mindset?

Chris Weller | 
Optimism and pessimism are not purely genetic: we have some control over our perception of the world ...

Anti-malaria vaccine developed in Japan

The following is an edited excerpt. A team of Japanese researchers say they have developed a vaccine that cuts the ...

Scientists identify ‘bad’ cholesterol genes

Sergio Prostak | 
A team of researchers from the Texas Biomedical Research Institute reporting online in the Journal of Lipid Research has identified ...
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