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Using CRISPR to drive genes through a population likely to lead to ‘resistance’ in organisms

Veronique Greenwood | 
We might finally be able to beat evolution at its own game. Using the gene editing tool CRISPR...biologists can arrange ...
ui health validates cure for sickle cell in adults healthinnovations

Cure for sickle cell anemia within reach thanks to gene editing

Angela Chen | 
A new treatment for the blood disease sickle cell anemia is possible now that scientists have figured out how to ...
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Is editing RNA safer, more effective than DNA for studying, treating cancer?

Elisa Lazzari | 
The causes of damaging changes to DNA are many...As a result, scientists began to consider RNA. If DNA were a ...

Should concerns about ‘rogue scientists’ prompt more government oversight of CRISPR research?

Elliot Hosman | 
... Many [scientists, concerned citizens and public officials] have noted the alarming speed with which CRISPR is being applied in research ...
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Genetic Literacy Project’s Top 6 Stories for the Week, October 10, 2016

From this past week, here are the #GLPTop6 among many great stories on human and agriculture genetics around the world ...
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Myth busting: RNA from GMO foods won’t alter your genes

Sterling Ericsson | 
Biotech critics claim ingesting RNA from food like Monsanto’s Bt corn can change the genes of those that eat it ...
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After early setbacks, gene therapy’s comeback nearly complete

Andrew Porterfield | 
After some horrifying early setbacks, gene therapy's back. Researchers have learned from early mistakes to make the therapy safer and ...

Video: What can scientists realistically accomplish with CRISPR?

Ellen Jorgensen | 
The genome-editing technology CRISPR has been all over the news for the past few years. However, the words that usually ...
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Pentagon wants to develop ‘safe genes’ to stop biohackers from making weapons with CRISPR

Philip Perry | 
[T]he Pentagon is moving to...find a “safe course” to rein [gene editing technology] in. But it will be a difficult balancing ...

CRISPR could be used to make virus-resistant crops without introducing foreign genes

Attila Molnar, Douglas Pyott, Emma Sheehan | 
Plant viruses are ubiquitous in natural environments and can severely limit plant growth and fertility. Globally, viruses are a significant ...
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DuPont-Pioneer collaborating with non-profit to develop gene-edited, disease-resistant maize

Julie Mollins | 
Although controversial, genetically modified (GM) crops constitute one option for increasing yields and have not been proven to be dangerous ...

How CRISPR could change the world—And why that frightens many of us

Steven Park | 
Gene editing could revolutionize the world in a way akin to how the personal computer did. Most Americans are unaware ...
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Bayer’s proposed takeover of Monsanto has GMO critics taking aspirin

André Heitz | 
Politicians and activists have been speaking out against Bayer's acquisition of Monsanto. Should consumers and farmers worry about the increasing ...

Concerns about amateur scientists toying with CRISPR rise as price drops

Using...CRISPR-Cas9...does not require a high level of scientific knowledge, raising concerns that malicious "biohackers" or careless enthusiasts might create something ...

Monsanto’s licensing of CRISPR will allow faster, more accurate, cheaper crop modification

Maxx Chatsko | 
...[U]ntil last week Monsanto was operating with a very noticeable omission in its research and development arsenal. It's a wonder it took ...

Should regulators consider CRISPR crops GMOs?

David Dittman | 
...What could be born of a union between...Monsanto..., and... Gene-Editing Tool, CRISPR/Cas9? Well, what it won’t be is a genetically modified organism, or ...
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CRISPR editing of multiple plant genes results in almost no off target effects

A team that includes a Virginia Tech plant scientist recently used life sciences technology to edit 14 target sites encompassing ...
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Will new GMO labeling law apply to CRISPR crops?

Kristen Brown | 
...Earlier this year, the USDA gave the greenlight to CRISPR mushrooms engineered to not brown. It wrote that because the new mushroom ...
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Could CRISPR gene editing design babies with superior intelligence? It’s complicated

Jim Kozubek | 
“In my opinion, Crispr could in principle be used to boost the expected intelligence of an embryo by a considerable ...
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Monsanto strikes deal with Broad Institute to use CRISPR for crop modification

Sharon Begley | 
Agriculture giant Monsanto has licensed CRISPR-Cas9 genome-editing technology from the Broad Institute for use in seed development, the company announced on [Sept. 22] ...
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China lays groundwork to be major producer of GMO crops

Steven Cerier | 
With a series of recent moves and policies, China seems to be preparing to change their stance on GMOs ...
Fruits and Vegetables

CRISPR opens door to new generation of more nutritious and delicious fruits and vegetables

Sarah Zhang | 
A few weeks ago, Stefan Jansson, a Swedish plant biologist, sat down to a plate of pasta with cabbage harvested from his ...

CRISPR-Cas9 gene scissors can cut most mutations linked to cancer

Dom Galeon | 
A group of researchers from Dresden’s National Center for Tumor Disease (NCT)...and the German Consortium for Translational Cancer Research (DKTK)...have ...
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How evolutionary theory may complicate CRISPR as cancer fighting tool

Bryant Furlow | 
Using guide RNAs, CRISPR-Cas9 can target and inactivate any gene in a living cell. That makes a powerful tool for ...
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Will evolution eventually undo effects on ecosystem of gene drives?

Brooke Borel | 
[A]t New York’s Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory[,] Philipp Messer...took the stage to discuss a powerful and controversial new application for genetic ...
the next generation of gmo food is here and its technically not a gmo

Is drought-tolerant CRISPR corn GMO?

Hank Campbell | 
With GMOs going off patent, anti-science activists and the PR groups running interference for them... are running out of time ...

People with disabilities deserve voice in debate over using CRISPR on humans

Emily Beitiks | 
[CRISPR has] been getting plenty of press. And yet, as someone who tries to stay up to date constantly with ...
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