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How will we use gene editing to treat human disease?

David Warmflash | 
Technology for safe effective germline editing is not ready yet, but once it is, these are some of things we ...

CRISPR crops could make agriculture more sustainable if public accepts them

Hopes are high for CRISPR, an emerging genetic technology that has been called “ground-breaking”, “jaw-dropping” and a potential boon for ...

Video: CRISPR pioneer Jennifer Doudna gives her thoughts on future of gene editing

Jennifer Doudna | 
For the past several years, CRISPR has made headlines all over the world as a revolutionary, biotechnological tool. Now, UC ...
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CRISPR corn: Dupont’s non-transgenic drought-tolerant gene edited corn could be on sale soon

Alexandra Ossola | 
[R]esearchers at DuPont Pioneer. . . have published a study about a strain of corn engineered with CRISPR to be ...

First gene edited meal served: Pasta with sautéed CRISPR veggies

For (probably) the first time ever, plants modified with the “genetic scissors” CRISPR-Cas9 has been cultivated, harvested and cooked. Stefan ...
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Gates Foundation doubling efforts to use CRISPR to create mosquito-killing technology

Antonio Regalado | 
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation plans to double the sum it is spending to create a mosquito-killing technology that ...
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Genome editing: Is it a national security threat?

David Warmflash | 
Is genome editing really so powerful that it could do major damage, either accidentally, or through foul play? Or is ...
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Video: Science and ethical wariness about CRISPR gene editing should not limit its transformative capabilities

Jason Lederman | 
Among the various technological advances in the twenty-first century, CRISPR is perhaps the scientific breakthrough with the most potential. However, ...

Banning gene editing to modify human embryos could be hasty

Dana Dovey | 
For many, the word “designer baby” brings to mind images of eugenics...As a result of this commonly shared fear, the ...
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Scientists can now guide CRISPR gene editing with light

Anne Trafton | 
CRISPR allows scientists to delete or replace any target gene in a living cell. MIT researchers have now added an ...
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Chimeric organ transplants: Science and ethics of growing human organs in pigs

David Warmflash | 
Scientists may soon offer a solution to the organ shortage by growing human organs in pigs. But that poses prickly ...
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Genetic enhancement will ultimately happen, no point in denying it

Nick O'Connor | 
I think CRISPR – the technology that enables us to edit genes – will go down in history as the ...
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CRISPR enters period of creative redesigns and gene editing upgrades

Tina Saey | 
Scientists usually shy away from using the word miracle — unless they’re talking about...CRISPR/Cas9. ... Even with all the genetic ...
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Gene editing will challenge ethics at Biological Weapons Convention

Joseph Neighbor | 
[T]he signatory nations of the Biological Weapons Convention (BWC) will meet [on December 2016] discuss the state of bioweapons globally...[T]he world ...
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CRISPR genome editing could be game changer in war against antibiotic resistance

David Warmflash | 
Using CRISPR genome editing, researchers are starting a new trend, which is to strip pathogenic bacteria of their acquired armor ...
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Does CRISPR gene editing = GMO? Biotechnology skeptics may split on how to regulate New Breeding Technologies

David Warmflash | 
The movement opposed to products that have been called "GM" maybe splitting into two, with one faction considering to taking ...
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Legal battle over CRISPR ownership heating up

Sharon Begley | 
Beneath the technical and legal jargon...filed in the battle over CRISPR patents is a simple argument that...comes down to this: ...

CRISPR gene editing may help treat sickle cell disease

An international team of scientists led by researchers at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital has found a way to use ...
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DIY CRISPR-Cas9: Should we fear or embrace programmable gene editing kits for the home?

David Warmflash | 
When you hear about do-it-yourself CRISPR, you may imagine amateurs cooking up something dangerous in their kitchens. But that is ...

Everything you need to know about CRISPR gene editing

Tyler Lacoma | 
CRISPR refers to unusual DNA sequences that help protect organisms by identifying threats – especially viruses – and attacking them ...

Gene therapy 2.0: Will CRISPR make expensive treatment accessible to all?

David Warmflash | 
Gene therapy, at a million dollars a treatment, will run up a patient's medical bill quickly. Can CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing ...
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Alternative to CRISPR–NgAgo gene editing–met with scorn and doubts

David Cyranoski | 
A controversy is escalating over whether a gene-editing technique proposed as an alternative to the popular CRISPR–Cas9 system actually works ...

Video: CRISPR set to alter what it means to be human—is that so bad?

With the advent of CRISPR, a new age of genetic engineering promises to change everything we know about what it ...
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Olympic health update: Zika vaccines, GMO mosquitoes, and snake oils

David Warmflash | 
There's progress on a vaccine to combat as well as biotech solutions but there are also fake Zika solutions being ...
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Over-heated fears of eugenics linger over today’s genetic research, threatening advances

Natasha Mitchell | 
'Genes can have up to 80 per cent of influence on students' academic performance.' When I saw that headline recently, ...
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Will epigenetics play central role in advancement of precision medicine?

David Warmflash | 
For many treatments it remains to be proven whether a drug's epigenetic actions, rather than another mechanism such as stimulation ...
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Scientists already looking for better alternatives to CRISPR

Heidi Ledford | 
The CRISPR–Cas9 tool enables scientists to alter genomes practically at will...But for all the devotion, CRISPR–Cas9 has its limitations. It ...
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